Privacy Policy

Personal information is a piece of information or assessment that can be linked to you as an individual, through your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, or national insurance number.

Information about behavioural patterns is also considered to be personal information, such as digital tracks left on the Web after you have made a search for something.

Responsibility for handling information

Assitech AS (Reg. No.: 813 727 102) is responsible for the handling of personal information and treatment of personal data is subject to current privacy laws.

Collection and handling

Personal information that we collect is necessary for us to be able to manage our customer relationships, and fulfil the company’s agreements directly or indirectly for you, the customer, as well as the handling of any warranty and product liability. The information is also used for the purpose of responding to your enquiries, improving our services and the content on our website, providing you with tips, guidance, and information about products and services. It is also used for invitations to participate in events and ask for your views on our products and services, as well as for our own internal purposes. Handling of personal data depends on your consent, given by request from us, or by voluntarily submitting information to us through this website. The information can also be used in market analyses.

Personal data for the aforementioned purposes can also be disclosed to companies/organizations Assitech works with inside and outside the EEA and EU areas. If Assitech has a duty to disclose information to a public authority, the information will be handed over according to government requirements.

Where information is retrieved from

We collect personal information from you as a customer, from people who represent you, and representatives from public records. We also collect personal information from you through the contact information in the registration of interest forms and the like on our website or through third-party services.

Storage and deletion

Saving and deleting occur in accordance with the Personal Data Act, and information that is no longer needed based on the purpose for which it is stored, will be deleted.

Your rights

You have the right to see the information we have stored about you, and how we handle it, and you can ask to have the information deleted. With regard to basic information about how we process personal data at Assitech, please refer to the information given in this Declaration.

You have the right to request that incorrect, incomplete or unnecessary information about you be corrected, deleted or supplemented.

Changes to this privacy policy

Changes are updated continuously in order to remain in line with current legislation. We encourage you to keep up to date on our current privacy statement on this website.

How information is secured

Information is processed and stored in separate systems with strict access restriction, and is only processed by people who have official access.


You may opt out of receiving marketing information from Assitech.

Contact information

If you would like to gain access to the information we have about you, or have other inquiries related to privacy protection, please contact us

Assitech AS 813 727 102
Fossegrenda 30B
7038 Trondheim

+47 995 60 130