The stair climbing aid for people with mobility issues and seniors

AssiStep stair climbing aid designThe stair climbing aid AssiStep is a device to help people with mobility issues climb stairs safely as well as a stair aid for elderly people that provides extra support.

The AssiStep is an innovative mobility aid specifically designed to provide support and safety on stairs - a walker for stairs.

The development process began in 2012 in Norway by engineering students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in close cooperation with occupational and physio therapists as well as patients.

The AssiStep was tested and certified in 2015 by the renowned German inspection and certification company TÜV – after which the AssiStep was finally ready to be launched.

“The AssiStep stair climbing aid is our commitment to help people be more independent in their daily live and to be able to train their gait function on a regular basis in their own home.” AssiTech AS

There are more than 1 million injuries occurring on stairs each year just in the US alone according to a study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine.
The Census Bureau explains that about fifty percent of the US American homes contain stairs.
The average costs of the non-fatal stair injuries come to a total of about
$ 92 billion per year.

It is therefore vital to additionally work on fall prevention as well as to treat the persons concerned after having experienced a fall on stairs.

Making sure that people with reduced mobility who already use aids and elderly people can stay more independent and safe while still being able to live at home and not have to rely on outside help is just one of the many reasons AssiStep was developed.

After all, most people want to do as much as they can themselves without needing help from their families, friends or nursing staff.

People who are insecure while climbing stairs or people who are for example in stroke rehabilitation profit from the AssiStep not only as a means of having extra support and safety while walking the stairs but can actively use the AssiStep as a gait trainer. This will ultimately result in being more secure not only on the stairs in your own home but also when encountering stairs outside of your home.

The stair aid AssiStep is used by people with a range of disabilities and medical indications.
  • old age is certainly one of the main reasons for being insecure on stairs.
But reduced mobility does not only concern the elderly, but also
  • people who have suffered a stroke,
or people who suffer from:
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • cerebral palsy,
  • Parkinson’s,
  • neuropathy,
  • people with incomplete paraplegia
  • or who suffered bone fractures due to for example a previous fall

All of these are typical AssiStep users and benefit from the extra support and safety the stair climbing aid provides on the way up and down the stairs.

AssiStep is also a solution for people who have difficulties to grab rails along the sides of the stairs as the handle is placed in front of the user.

AssiStep consists of

  • a handrail which is installed on the wall along the stairs
  • as well as a handle that the user moves along the handrail.

The handle is placed in front of the user and has two heights to provide the most comfortable positioning of the hands.

Stair climbing aid use upstairs
Stair climbing aid use downstairs

The patented locking mechanism makes sure that the handle locks in place in danger of losing balance and therefore provides the needed support and safety.

Stair climbing aid AssiStep straight stair

The AssiStep stair climbing aid is designed to integrate very discreetly into your home and to take as little space as possible. If not used the handle can be folded in towards the wall.

The handrail as well as the handle are manufactured using only high quality and sustainable materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

One handle - many options

In order to be as adjustable as possible the handle can be used in many different ways. Additionally, the height of the AssiStep will be customized to the fitting height of the user during the installation and can also be adjusted at any time if needed.

People with reduced gripping strength in one hand, for example stroke patients, can move the handle using only one hand.

Stair lift alternative

Stair climbing aid stair lift alternative AssiStep alternatives

The AssiStep is an affordable alternative to a stair lift for those who are still able to climb the stairs but need extra support and safety.

The installation can be carried out

  • on short notice,
  • as no building permissions are required,
  • and the delivery and assembly times are short.

Usually for the installation the old railing is replaced by the stair climbing aid, but upon wish the old railing can be kept in addition.

Due to the simple and professional installation carried out by our sales partners and installers, the AssiStep is a budget-friendly alternative to a stairlift.